Parent Organization: Club Sports

UVM Women's Club Basketball is a competitive team that travels around the Northeast playing club teams, community colleges and women's leagues. The team is geared toward those looking for a higher level of play, greater commitment, and a longer season than intramural basketball offers. We currently have a full roster of 18 girls, but please still contact us if you're interested in the team because the roster is constantly changing!

We practice 2-3 times a week, year round, but our practices change every semester. We usually aim for the 7-9 or 8-10 practice slots two nights a week, and then have open pick-up once a week. We do a lot of traveling for games and tournaments on the weekends and sometimes do scrimmages during the week closer to campus. We compete every spring semester in the Club Basketball Regional tournament at Boston University, which is our biggest tourny of the year. We play hard and we play to win, but we don't take anything too seriously, we're just looking to have some fun playing ball together!

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Feel free to contact Savannah at savannah.nesbitt@uvm.edu or Sha'Kylah at sha-kylah.morris@uvm.edu to receive more information.