Parent Organization: Community Service Organizations

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UVM is one of the many student chapters of EWB-USA.  We feel that everyone has the right to the fundamental necessities of life especially access to clean water and air.  Our goal is to use our knowledge and creativity to work with developing communities to get over the barriers preventing them from obtaining these basic needs.

Our oven project has been completed and closed as of Fall 2012. It concerned reengineering sugar cane ovens in Honduras as the current design was inefficient and unsafe to the population and environment due to inappropriate fuel source usage, namely with the burning of tires. We constructed a test oven at our project site, located at the UVM biological research center, to test efficiency and emissions. We conducted oven testing in the spring, and submitted our design to CDAE and closed the project with EWB-USA. 
We are currently working on a greywater reuse project based in Venecia, a small coffee producing community in Northern Nicaragua. We are currently working on a prototype and hope to travel to the community and implement the project in late fall of 2016.
We will be completing a lot of work over the summer of 2016 and always love to have new members. If you would like more information or want to get involved, please feel free to email the president, Sam Marano at Samuel.Marano@uvm.edu
Address Votey Hall
Burlington, VT 05405