Parent Organization: Club Sports

The goal of the Aikido Club is to promote interest in the Japanese martial way of Aikido. Aikido, the way (do) of blending with (ai) energy or spirit (ki) is a powerful and compassionate Japanese martial art. By using throws and immobilizing holds, an aikido student redirects and neutralizes the force of the opponent's attack. Aikido's circular movements do not rely on strength. The UVM Aikido Club practices at the Aikido of Champlain Valley Dojo on 257 Pine St. The club gives monthly discounts to students to become members of the dojo. This opens up classes being offered seven days a week which you can work around your own schedule. As a club we come up with times with which we practice together, have club movie nights, financially help members attend seminars, and other events we organize together.

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Address Burlington, VT 05405
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Phone Number P:(802) 734-1155